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Become a WooPOS Partner

Become a WooPOS partner to help your customers build and improve their retail platforms. We have put together a comprehensive program for communications, sales, marketing and technical support for our expanding VAR network. Your sucess is our success, so we’re here to help.

Partnership Opportunities:


Hardware Reseller

Boost your hardware sales by bundling our top-class software for free with limited services

Software Reseller

50-50 profit sharing high-end POS software reselling opportunities

White Label

White label enterprise-level software under your brand and pricing

Affiliate and Referral

Web designer, integrator, technician, blogger earn 20% commissions on sales by sending leads to us

Why Partner With WooPOS?


Discount & Support

Resellers receive generous product discounts and high-quality technical support

Robust POS System

Provide an excellent, highly customizable POS system for your merchants

Increased Sales

Close more deals when you bundle our solutions into a set of your offerings

Ongoing Development

WooPOS’ ongoing development provides dealers with a stream of new offerings and enhancements to help maintain valuable relationships and revenue growth

Gartner Digital Market Reports
See how WooPOS ranks amongst the top POS software vendors

What Our Resellers Say About US

The WooPOS team has become a trusted partner in assisting us to provide enterprise-level retail software and services for our customers. WooPOS provides our customers with a high degree of confidence and satisfaction. WooPOS made us more profit and less maintenance work than other software we are selling.

Chuck DiNardo

Partnership With Us Today!