Full Enterprise Inventory Management

WooPOS hosts the most powerful WooCommerce inventory management system available. Manage your entire inventory with robust but easy-to-use tools.


Unlimited Products + Unlimited Customization

WooPOS will scale with you. Track an unlimited number of products and services with unlimited attributes. Every product in your database will be easy to edit, import, export, group, filter and search. Every product detail you need to track can easily be added to the system, whether it’s ring size, colors, special edition merchandise or anything else that defines your products.

Inventory Transfer

Inventory balancing is a great way to move products, boost inventory turnover and avoid unnecessary discounts. Track and maintain stock levels across multiple stores in real time. Move stock between stores or your warehouse with stock transfers and quickly perform inventory lookups across all your sales channels.

Custom Barcode Designer

WooPOS comes with a built-in barcode designer that gives you the ability to design and print high-quality barcodes that work with major barcode systems out today. Our barcode designer also allows you to design, create and print customized mailing labels.

Physical WooCommerce Inventory Count

WooPOS allows you to perform physical inventory counts swiftly and accurately by taking a snapshot of your inventory file for a specific location that can be used as a reference. Different count types including full count, selective and spot count can be chosen. You won’t have to close your store or slow down operations to count inventory.

Inventory Adjustments

Adjust your inventory to account for breakage, wastage or write-offs to ensure accuracy and give you better context about how your products are being consumed. Combine this with our powerful reporting features to gain business insights you can use to optimize your processes.

View WooCommerce Inventory Management's Full Features List:

  • Selling prices can be calculated using marginal, markup or promotional pricing
  • You can maintain detailed sales and purchase histories
  • Handles multiple alternate vendors for each item
  • Separate vendor and manufacturer product number
  • Manage inventory by unlimited number of departments (classes, groups), Sub departments, and Sub Sub departments
  • Stock can be maintained in unit or fractional quantities
  • Track multiple sizes and colors and dimensions with variation attributes
  • Managed in Store, Matrix by Size, Color, Width, Inseam, Length (variable products)
  • Matrix-based Sizing
  • Full support for multi-dimensional category tracking
  • Import product data from supplier provided files
  • Import manufacturer UPC codes
  • Barcode tags and shelf tags designing and printing
  • Barcode-based pricing labels
  • User-defined fields (attributes) and group (attribute set and tab)
  • Define items as inventory or service
  • Display item images, image per product, style or color
  • Assortment UPC-EAN, Alternate Code Lookups
  • Portable handheld device support (pocket PC or Android) for physical inventory, sales, receiving, transfers
  • Physical inventory count (complete, selective or spot)
  • Variance reports and adjustments
  • Inventory bundle kits (selling kits and manufacturing kits)
  • Copy items (template) to create a new item
  • Advanced special price or pricing rules such as “buy one get one free”
  • Automatic discount rules and minimum sale rules conditioning by customer and clerk
  • Sold items linked (tag SKU)
  • Tracking average cost
  • Inventory transfers between stores
  • Inter store sub locations transfer
  • Transfer in/out reports
  • Transfer history
  • Remote store inventory lookup
  • Locate inventory by class, stock type, style type, and vendor
  • Purchase orders receiving histories
  • Purchase orders auto-generated by minimums, maximums, re-order points and expected sales
  • Scales weight barcodes (Deli Scale Barcodes)
  • Serial number tracking
  • Packages for case lot tracking and splitting
  • In-store location inventory management
  • Transfers and transfer request creation for multi-store, multi-location environments
  • Instant Sales and Quantity Information for all stores
  • Back order and special order
  • Open and or finalized PO reports
  • Receive items by exception
  • Tracking PO’s list cost, discount, foreign exchange rate, miscellaneous expense, shipping, duty, taxes and landed cost
  • Create new items and change prices while creating or receiving a PO
  • Print barcode tags and labels for items received
  • Reorder and invoice tracking
  • Receive at the store against a PO without revealing cost or other restricted data
  • Consolidate purchase orders
  • Print PO in various formats (line by line, matrix, support for multi-dimensions)
  • Distribution and transfer from within the PO
  • Multi-store inventory tracking, lookups, control and transfers
  • Best & worst seller inventory reports
  • WooCommerce web inventory integration (HTML descriptions, photos, web price, quantities etc)
  • Track various inventory details (SKU, Description, Product #, and more)
  • Multi-level password protection
  • Display units sold, on-hand and on-order
  • Full support for multi-dimensional category tracking
  • Per SKU tax tracking (GST, PST, HST, State Tax, County Tax, VAT, Inclusive Tax etc)
  • Support for partial quantity items
  • Deposits, recycling, environmental handling fees tracking
  • Tracking of regular sell price, list cost, landed cost, average cost, special pricing, minimum pricing, package quantity, points, and spiffs (commission)
  • Attach photos to each product and variation
  • Instant ‘Who bought this item’ reporting

What They’re Saying

If you have a retail business and are looking to link it to an ecommerce platform, WooPOS is the best solution on the market. Prior to using WooPOS I tried web based POS systems on the market such as "WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS)" by actualityextensions and "WooCommerce POS" by kilbot, only to find the them lacking in features, slow and prone to crashing. Having used WooPOS for over a year, I find the software reliable, frequently updated and a key part of bringing my brick and mortar business into the eCommerce space.

Alphonsus T.Wellfond Pets

WooPOS is the only system that we found that helped us to work offline with normal POS software, and on the same time integrate with our Woocommerce online store. moving inventory between online and offline stores is very easy. it reduce the duplicate works that we used to do when publishing new products.

Abdilhadi J.KSHMSH
We Are WooPOS

WooPOS bundles together powerful e-Commerce tools to help customers manage their stores, transactions and customers.

All-In-One Package

Our system does it all. Manage inventory, customers, employees and point-of-sale systems across multiple storefronts. You’ll have accurate analytics and over 500 reports to help you improve your business.

Inventory Management

Easily track inventory and process transactions across multiple storefronts without frustration. WooPOS is loaded with powerful features and can be customized to fit the unique needs of your store and its products.

Reliable & Secure Uptime

Never deal with random server shutdowns again. WooPOS provides extremely high reliability and uptime because it runs directly off of your own computer. All WooPOS customers are also backed up on our cloud.

Fully Loaded Support

WooPOS comes with responsive support and clear documentation to ensure the platform is providing value without getting your way. Need help? We respond to all customer support issues within in 24 hours!

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