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Product Customization

Customize your products and services with any attributes you need. Whether it's haircuts, t-shirts, or beverages, WooPOS adapts to your offerings. Add custom details and create groupings to organize your inventory to fit your store perfectly.

Custom Documentation

Create fully customizable purchase orders, invoices, barcode labels, services quotes and more. You will be able to maintain proper documentation of your store’s processes without the need for multiple different applications.


Create fully custom reports with our powerful query system, allowing you to search for and combine multiple data points to find the exact insights you need. No more, no less.

Customization Services

Looking for help customizing your setup? We offer customization services for a fee. Please send a custom work request through our contact us form.

What They’re Saying

This POS can do just about anything. If it can't, the developers will work with you to customize the POS. They do charge you for their time, but it is worth it when the customization is important to your company. Other, out-of-the-box POS software developers won't do that for you, even for a fee. They may add your suggestion to a feature list, and then 5 years down the road add your idea as a feature. If there is an issue, the developers of this POS take care of it in a matter of minutes to hours. Not days or weeks.

Steven T.Impact Solutions
We Are WooPOS

WooPOS bundles together powerful e-Commerce tools to help customers manage their stores, transactions and customers.

All-In-One Package

Our system handles it all: inventory, customers, employees, and point-of-sale systems across multiple storefronts. Plus, access accurate analytics and over 500 reports to boost your business.

Inventory Management

Effortlessly track inventory and process transactions across multiple storefronts with WooPOS. Loaded with powerful features, it’s fully customizable to suit your store’s unique needs and products.

Reliable & Secure Uptime

WooPOS ensures uninterrupted operations by running directly off your computer, eliminating server shutdown concerns. Plus, all Woo POS customers enjoy secure cloud backups.

Fully Loaded Support

WooPOS offers responsive support and clear documentation, ensuring seamless value delivery. Need assistance? We prioritize all customer support issues, responding within 24 hours!

Chat With Our WooPOS Team

We’re ready to answer any questions. Contact us 24/7.

Planning to open your first e-commerce to retail store? Already have one (or two, or ten)? Just give us a call and we'll give you solutions.