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Handle inventory, employees, transactions and customers in a single app.


WooPOS is the most powerful add-on to WooCommerce stores available. Our system is designed to be customized to your unique retail needs.

Businesses of every size can benefit from more efficient processes, better data and reliable support. WooPOS provides all that and will scale up when you do.

Our Core Features.

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Manage all your inventory from multiple stores with incredible detail, accuracy and customization. Add powerful tracking features to your current WooCommerce setup and have it all managed in one centralized space with our WooPOS software today.

Cloud database allows you to access your data anywhere, anytime. Fully functional even if you are offline for a week.

Get a better understanding of your business with over 500+ valuable reports to help with business improvements and decision making. You’ll be able to create custom reports bringing together customer, inventory, transaction and employee data.

Easily integrate your WooCommerce store with physical retail locations. Add automation and new functionality to your current WooCommerce setup.

Manage your database of all your customers from multiple stores and increase customer retention with loyalty programs and transaction behaviour. Track custom data including ring size, finger size, and anything that matches your unique needs for your business.

Manage multiple storefronts with ease. Track and transfer inventory, manage employees and create new opportunities for customers.

We Also Do More.

Process discounts, store credit and loyalty systems with a robust POS system built with customization in mind. WooPOS works with any type of product or service, regardless of your industry.

Track staff hours and performance data to help get the most out of your team and increase accountability. WooPOS will help you control staff permissions and reward your top employees.

Integrate with secure payment processes and easily accept payments including debit, credit, EMV and gift cards. Custom payment types are also supported.

Inventory Management

Highly Detailed Tracking System
Track each product with high levels of detail. Our system is designed to be extremely customizable. You’ll be able to add information that is unique to your product or service without a problem

Manage and transfer inventory across stores, physical and online
Easily track and transfer your inventory between stores. Your WooCommerce store and any physical stores you may have will be connected to the system. You’ll be able to seamlessly manage inventory from one place.

Custom barcode & label designer
WooPOS comes with a built-in barcode and label designer. Custom mailing labels can be made for your products and our barcode feature supports major barcode symbologies in the market.

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Cloud & Multi-Store Operations

Seamlessly connection between stores
WooPOS allows you to track your operations between multiple locations. You will be able to add multiple physical store locations on top of your WooCommerce store and manage inventory between all of them.

Synchronize data across stores
Data from multiple stores will be centralized and updated in real time to avoid outdated information and needless mistakes.

Work Offline
You won’t lose functionality if you lose your internet connection. WooPOS will run locally on your system and can synchronize with your online data when you’re connected.

Track performance in different stores
See how each of your stores are performing by tracking individual performance metrics. You’ll be able to make adjustments to store inventory and operations with confidence.

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WooCommerce Integration

Simple installation
WooPOS is designed to integrate seamlessly with WooCommerce.  You’ll be able to import your WooCommerce data into WooPOS easily and keep that data synced between the two.

Automate routine WooCommerce tasks
Build powerful functionality onto your existing WooCommerce store. You’ll be able to automate routine WooCommerce tasks, enhance current WooCOmmerce features and control your operations from a central area.

Manage your online stores and any physical stores in real time
Adding physical stores to your WooCommerce operations becomes easy with WooPOS. Multiple stores can be tracked and synced across our system.

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