Our Features For Customization Include:

WooPOS is built to be customized. Your business will have unique needs that you will understand better than anyone else. That is why we’ve built our platform to become what you need it to be.


Product Customization

Add any custom attributes to any of your products and services. WooPOS will adapt to whatever you are selling, whether it’s haircuts, t-shirts, alcoholic beverages or anything else. Add custom product details and create custom groupings to help organize your inventory in a way that fits your store.

Custom Documentation

Create fully customizable purchase orders, invoices, barcode labels, services quotes and more. You will be able to maintain proper documentation of your store’s processes without the need for multiple different applications.


Create fully custom reports with our powerful query system, allowing you to search for and combine multiple data points to find the exact insights you need. No more, no less.

Customization Services

Looking for help customizing your setup? We offer customization services for a fee. Please send a custom work request through our contact us form.

What They’re Saying

This POS can do just about anything. If it can't, the developers will work with you to customize the POS. They do charge you for their time, but it is worth it when the customization is important to your company. Other, out-of-the-box POS software developers won't do that for you, even for a fee. They may add your suggestion to a feature list, and then 5 years down the road add your idea as a feature. If there is an issue, the developers of this POS take care of it in a matter of minutes to hours. Not days or weeks.

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