Our Support For WooCommerce Includes:

WooPOS was designed to integrate with the WooCommerce retail system. WooPOS builds on top of WooCommerce and synchronizes data between the two. This is the ideal setup for stores that have both online and physical locations.


Simple Installation

WooPOS is an easy-to-use Windows application with simple installation. It doesn’t require any special skills to run and you can concentrate on your basic business tasks.

Central Management

Manage your online store and brick-and-mortar locations in a single place. Import and sync data between WooPOS and WooCommerce including pricing, stock levels, customer data, products, sales data, orders and more. Data between WooPOS and WooCommerce will update in real time to avoid discrepancies.

Enhanced WooCommerce Functionality

WooPOS is designed to build onto the functionality of WooCommerce. WooPOS will add new features, interface enhancements and automation opportunities to your current WooCommerce setup.

What They’re Saying

If you have a retail business and are looking to link it to an ecommerce platform, WooPOS is the best solution on the market. Prior to using WooPOS I tried web based POS systems on the market such as "WooCommerce Point of Sale (POS)" by actualityextensions and "WooCommerce POS" by kilbot, only to find the them lacking in features, slow and prone to crashing. Having used WooPOS for over a year, I find the software reliable, frequently updated and a key part of bringing my brick and mortar business into the eCommerce space.

Alphonsus T.Wellfond Pets

WooPOS is the only system that we found that helped us to work offline with normal POS software, and on the same time integrate with our Woocommerce online store. moving inventory between online and offline stores is very easy. it reduce the duplicate works that we used to do when publishing new products.

Abdilhadi J.KSHMSH