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Fast and Easy Retail POS with Barcode Scanning

Quickly scan and process transaction at the front till. You won’t have to worry about potential staff errors like invoicing the customers for the wrong product. WooPOS even comes with a barcode designer that can be used to create and print your own product barcodes.

Special Orders

Deliver above-and-beyond customer service with our special order feature. Store personnel can customize an order and order the item from anywhere in the distribution chain. Ordering, shipping, receiving, and payment are all handled through WooPOS. When a customer requests a special order, store personnel can easily select the product features and determine if an item is in the store or if it is available elsewhere. They can even order directly from the manufacturer and have the item shipped to the store.

Rental and Reservation

WooPOS supports item rentals for anything from tools and equipment to furniture and electronics. The customer database tracks the rental along with other pertinent information. The rental feature also supports booking and reservations. You can get customers in and out quickly, control inventory and scheduling, instantly see upselling opportunities, rent and sell on the same invoice, and earn more profits by automating your business processes from point of sale to back-end accounting.

Issue and Redeem Gift Cards with Ease

WooPOS allows you to issue, redeem, track gift card balances all within the application. No add-ons or special equipment needed or monthly fees required. Get customers excited about spending with you. Gift cards can be reused and recharged. You also issue gift certificates which can be used one time only. Gift receipts and store credit are also supported.

Gift Registry

Gift registries for special occasions are supported by WooPOS . Shoppers can carry a printed form of the registry while shopping and item quantities will be automatically updated as purchases are made. WooPOS will help you manage your gift registry efficiently without the risk of gift duplication.

Flexible Pricing

Setup special prices for a date range or advanced pricing rules based on conditions, customer groups and product groups. Minimum price rules can ensure you never sell items below cost and setup maximum discount rate.

Loyalty Points

Establish a loyalty program through WooPOS to keep customers coming back. Customers can earn points, see their balance and redeem credit through the system. Applying credit during the checkout process is as easy as selecting a payment type. Buying programs that require a minimum number of purchases can also be used. All these transactions can will be updated automatically through WooPOS.


WooPOS can be used to create quotes for prospective buyers that are still making a purchasing decision. Quotes are useful for putting a sale on hold for a later date, giving estimates and keeping a record for you and your customer.

Accounts Receivable (AR)

WooPOS enables you to know who owes you money, how much and when it’s due. You will be able to to setup open, revolving or instalment accounts and easily perform AR tasks like printing invoices, charging interest and monitoring payment activity.

Work Order

WooPOS also works great for selling services. Account for service types including warranties, repairs and maintenance. Payment can be taken partially and orders can be easily converted to invoices. You’ll also be able to track each service and make changes to the order at anytime.

What They’re Saying

I tried 6 pos system in 4 years and I had never found one as easy to use, affordable and powerful as WooPOS . I lost a lot of money and time with all the others. Now I can focus on my company with confidence. I have a better track of my money and my inventory with Woo POS.

Brett D.Co-Vape

WooPOS is the only system that we found that helped us to work offline with normal POS software, and on the same time integrate with our Woocommerce online store. moving inventory between online and offline stores is very easy. it reduce the duplicate works that we used to do when publishing new products.

Abdilhadi J.KSHMSH
We Are WooPOS

WooPOS bundles together powerful e-Commerce tools to help customers manage their stores, transactions and customers.

All-In-One Package

Our system handles inventory, customers, employees, and point-of-sale systems across multiple storefronts. Access accurate analytics and over 500 reports to improve your business.

Inventory Management

Effortlessly track inventory and process transactions across multiple storefronts with WooPOS. Customize to fit your store’s unique needs.

Reliable & Secure Uptime

With WooPOS, say goodbye to random server shutdowns. It operates directly on your computer, ensuring high reliability and uptime. Plus, all WooPOS customers enjoy cloud backups.

Fully Loaded Support

WooPOS offers responsive support and clear documentation, ensuring seamless value delivery. Get assistance within 24 hours for any support issues.

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